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This page is purely to show off a couple visuals made from scratch, together representing a nature.

The grass is the most important feature, being the most complicated. The grass is written in a shader in HLSL and uses tessellation, making it actually really performant. The precision the grass is rendered at depends on the distance to the camera. The part of the grass that's far away from the camera is therefore rendered much less precise, making the grass shader also effective in big worlds. The grass is capable of realistically simulating wind and can be entirely tweaked to your likings.

Besides grass the scene features fog, a rain effect and smoke/clouds. But also a bloom shader and a vignetting shader, both written in HLSL as well. The demo procedurally generates a random world and combines all effects. Furthermore it uses two modes: the photo mode gives a nice static angle at the world and the first person mode lets you move through the world in first person.

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