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PLAN3, a simple app for organizing and managing all your projects in an intuitive way using tree structures, aimed to increase productivity and decrease workload. It supports all sorts of projects, from game development to reports. The app also supports group projects: using the simple copy and paste method you can share your projects directly over the internet, making it easy to work with teammates.

IMPORTANT: In the app organizing goes by creating trees. It requires you to follow a specific concept, described below, to guarantee you a useful tree structure.

Your tasks in the app will be to specify your domain and constructing the tree. The domain consists of tasks, workers and roles, all specified by you. You need the domain to assign tasks to the nodes of your tree.

By default, a tree starts with a single node: the root. This root should represent the final product that you want to achieve. From here on we can expand. For each leaf (representing a task), think for yourself: which components/subtasks do I need to achieve this task. For each of these you create a new node with that task, as children. You can repeat the process as long as you need.

Now how is this tree going to help with the development of the actual project? If your tree is finished, you can start implementing the tasks. Start with the smallest subtasks, represented by the leaves of your tree, and iteratively work out all tasks that are free - meaning the tasks whose subtasks are all completed - till you reach the root. Mark all nodes you complete through the UI. Completing the root means you are finished! With some visual tools you can inspect your progress. Note that it also supports iterative development: update tree, implement, repeat!

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